SSH has become part of Peregrine Coast press!

Read the press release here!

We're excited to announce that we've joined forces with the wonderful folks over at Peregrine Coast Press! That means from now on we'll be advertising all our services over on the Peregrine Coast Press website going forward.
What happens if I'm a current SSH customer?
Nothing! We'll continue to work with you until the end of your contract. Going forward, all new work will be through Peregrine Coast Press.

I need help with shipping, who do I contact?
Ping us an email over at and we'll get you sorted.
“Swag Ship Hack” is a trading name of CrabLab Limited (“CrabLab”). “Peregrine Coast Press” is a trading name of Roll With It Ltd (“RWI”). CrabLab and RWI will remain separate legal entities.
Swag Ship Hack is a trading name of CrabLab™ Limited, a company registered in the UK (09755360) at The Old Milking Parlour, Peterborough, PE8 5DY.
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